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LGBTour Amsterdam

discover the queer city with a local storyteller

"She took us around to see very intriguing and nice places and her stories were cute and sweet.”


“I would recommend her tour to those looking for an interesting spin on the typical Amsterdam tour by foot."


"Sanne is a super friendly and nice person with a wild heart and an interesting soul! “


"This tour provided thought provoking conversation and an opportunity to get to know the city in a deeper way. "


"Sanne was great and friendly!"



a queer walk through the pink heart of this historic city.

What you will do:

Do you want to experience Amsterdam from a queer perspective? And learn all about the pink side of history?

Come and join my LGBTOUR: a queer walk through the historic heart of my beloved city.

Together we’ll discover the hidden queer gems of the oldest part of town, where you’ll find out:

- What happened when two queer activists protested at our National Monument.

- If there truly are unicorns at the Royal Palace.

  - What the secretive alarm systems of queer bars looked like during WOII to hide for the Nazis.

I’m a professional storyteller. Next to sharing queer historic stories, I love sharing my personal stories. We will go on a trip down memory lane with some queer scenes from my personal life like coming out, falling in love, and having a broken heart in the city of Amsterdam.

During our pink stroll through the oldest part of town, we will also talk about queer history & queer politics, pride & protest, and share coming out & coming in experiences.

And, of course, as your LGBTOUR guide, I can tell you all about Amsterdam's queer nightlife: from the old and dirty to the fresh and glittery.

You can ask me anything and know that you are most welcome; the rainbow is for everyone!

Or request your preferred date and time by sending a message to LGBTOUR's WhatsApp number: 0031617508259. (Also for private group bookings.)
LGBTOUR_Amsterdam is hosting their 4th QUEER STORY SUNDAY_Amsterdam: an afternoon filled with Queer Stories and Performances in an open mic setting. Get your tickets while they are hot.*
*Limited capacity.

Where you'll be:

We will plunge ourselves into the queer and historic heart of the city around Warmoesstraat and Zeedijk, near Central Station, an area also known ‘de Wallen’, the red light district of Amsterdam.

Along the way, we’ll have some unique stops at old and authentic queer spots; one of which has a mind-blowing museum-like interior and an even more unique story hidden in its lesbian bricks.

LGBTOUR welcomes all unicorns:

Bring your open-minded self and enjoy the ride. You can join me if you are between the ages of 0 and 100.

FREE UNICORNS: LGBTOUR_AMSTERDAM is free for the golden oldies = 94+, and the super young ones: 4- years young.

Short on money but queer AF?

Please send me a personal mail to

It is my mission to be able to welcome everyone to join the LGBTOUR to walk with me and talk with queers and allies from around the world.

The active pursuit of this mission and vision is only possible with your help.


I am happy that up to this point I always could welcome everyone on my LGBTOUR, also if your financial situation doesn’t allow you to. Thanks to your donation after each LGBTOUR. With each coin and dollar, you donate to LGBTOUR, you directly contribute to a ticket for a queer or ally who can’t afford a ticket. That way we as a queer community, really can and do take care of each other.

Now, as you know, with a pandemic going on, there haven't been more than 5 tours since April 2020. This means the piggy bank is down to zero, in times where queer piggy banks are so much needed. Unfortunately, LGBTOUR didn’t receive financial support from the Dutch government but fortunately, there is our queer community!

Want to make it rain and become a Unicorn Sponsor and donate your queer cash to LGBTOUR? Yes, please!

On how to reach out, you can check CONTACT below.


“Going on the LGBTOUR was an eye-opening experience, not only allowing me to explore the buried queer history of Amsterdam but showing me how tours can be done differently -- Sanne's method of mixing the intimate and the historical and drawing her group into an immersive experience is unique. So, it feels especially important to support the project in these Covid times when we have all shut away inside and isolated from each other and the places we live in.

By sponsoring a monthly ticket, I hope that a queer person, ally, or would-be ally can enjoy the tour too.”

Also, want to chip in on getting your fellow queer on that LGBTOUR? Yes, please!

You can drop your queer dollars and donate. On how to reach out, you can check CONTACT below.

Tours, tickets & pricing

You can book LGBTour for your private queer present, book for your own queer group, as an educational workshop, and of course to join an open LGBTOUR group and meet queers and allies from all over the world.



Would you like to:

- Have you tour in Dutch? No problem at all, Dutch is my mother tongue!

- Book a private tour?

- Book LGBTOUR_AMSTERDAM as a team outing

- Book LGBTOUR_AMSTERDAM as part of your Summer School or youth education program?

- Book a date and time that’s not in LGBTOUR’s current calendar?

For these or any other LGBTOUR-related questions; you’re welcome to contact me via WhatsApp at LGBTOUR_AMSTERDAM: +31 6 175 08 259.

If you prefer to send an email then please contact

Please note that response times can be a bit longer.

Looking forward to meeting you!

XO, your LGBTOUR guide, Sanne.


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