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Fabienne, Oct 17, 2020

The experience with Sanne was amazing. She shared personal stories and insights into the queer life of the city and really blow our minds with the tour. It was very personal and we really connected with her. Can recommend this tour for LGBT and non LGBT people likewise :)

Fien, Aug 15, 2020

I really enjoyed Sanne's tour! She was really nice, knowledgeable about the queer history and was made the expierence personalby sharing her experiences and inviting you to share yours. I would recommend this tour to everyone who wants to get to know the Queer history of Amsterdam better!

Peter, Aug 14, 2020

Nice LGBTour! Sanne is a kind storyteller. I recommend the tour to get a insight and knowledge about the LGBT history of Amsterdam.

Anna Maria, Aug 14, 2020

A lovely tour, really enjoyed it.

Sipporah, Aug 14, 2020

Fantastisch! Heel gaaf om een queer-gay tour te krijgen in je eigen stas. Sanne was heel genuine, heel echt en haar persoonlijke touch maakte deze tour fantastisch. Ik kwam onder andere om nieuwe invalshoeken te leren zien en begrijpen en dat is gelukt! Sanne spreekt Engels tijdens deze tour dus als je deze trip boekt moet je wel goed engels kunnen verstaan aangezien de meerderheid van de deelnemers internationaal zijn!

Paola, Aug 7, 2020

Leuke, ontspannen tour waarbij weweer nieuwe verrassende feitjes hebben geleerd over onze community!

Svenja, Jul 20, 2020

Es war ein super Einblick in Amsterdams queeres Leben. Wir haben uns sehrwohl mit Sanne gefühlt.

Justin, Mar 9, 2020

The tour was great! Highly recommend!

Andrew, Mar 7, 2020

Sanne was great and really wanted to get to know us!

Your public response: You are most welcome Andrew! Thanks for your heartwarming message. XO, your LGBTour guide, Sanne.

Beth, Feb 21, 2020

Sanne was amazing, even with the worst possible weather.We earned so much and really felt like we had a better understanding of the LGBT community in Amsterdam. Definitely worth it!

Your public response: Yeah, no rain or storm can hold us down --> we are queer and we are here! 🤗🏳️‍🌈💖🦄

Hailee, Jan 31, 2020

This tour provided thought provoking conversation and an opportunity to get to know the city in a deeper way. I would highly recommend it to queer folks looking for a fun cultural experience.

Shanon, Jan 20, 2020

We had a great experiencefor just arriving in Amsterdam less than 2 hours prior to tour. It was informative casual and yet covered a lot of the area in a short time. Thanks

Vaš javni odgovor: Nothing better to discover your new city with a queer eye 🧐🤩🏳️‍🌈

Andrew, Jan 20, 2020

Sanne was friendly, warm and welcoming. I like her unique take on a tour of Amsterdam by designing it for and focusing it on the LGBT community and experience. The casual, personal nature of this tour was wonderful and she is very open to and encouraging of sharingpersonal stories as they relate to the things we saw and heard. She establishes this tone right away by sharing a few personal stories of her own that lead to her creating this experience. Thank you Sanne and my fellow tour members for a memorable evening.

Kyle, Jan 18, 2020

Amazing tour - highly recommend it!

Pilar, Jan 18, 2020

Sanne, provided a very interesting, knowledgeable and inclusive tour. it felt like a Dutch friend showing you around. I learned a lot of the LGBT side of AMS andI did have a good time with the group as the host creates a very participative dynamic.

Florian, Dec 30, 2019

Expérience très intéressante et différente d’un tour classique de la ville ! Une visite pleine d’anecdotes LGBT sur la ville ! Un moment tres convivial

Hannah, Dec 30, 2019

This was one of my highlights of our trip to Amsterdam. Sanne is an excellent tourguide who is passionate, thoughtful and knowledgeable about queer issues. We got a real insight into queer life in Amsterdam but also from those in our group (from London, Germany, Austria, France and Russia). The time flew by. 100% recommend.

Lera, Dec 30, 2019

It’s a nice way to spend time in Amsterdam. Would recommend.

Joost, Dec 28, 2019

Sanne is a very good story teller. She not only makes this tour personal, she also involves the participants in the story and has clearly immersed herself in the contemporary and historical gay culture of Amsterdam. Recommended!

David, Dec 28, 2019

Myself andmy partner went to find out a little more about the Amsterdam gay scene and the history . Sanne knew lots about the local history area and made eveyone feel part of the tour. I'd definitely recommend this tour !! Such a lovely person and great personality. Thank you so much.

Cayla, Dec 28, 2019

We had a fun time! Very informative but also relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Alyssa, Dec 23, 2019

The experience was really enjoyable. Sanne is personable and easy to connect with and she shares her story in such a lovely way. It was a good way to get to know the queerparts of the city and it's history. Sanne really knows her stuff, it's not to be missed!

Matti, Dec 23, 2019

Quite exceptional tour. Professional.

Jessica,Dec 7, 2019

I am really happy that I stumbled across this tour when looking for a apartment. Sanne was very friendly and we had a great time!

Silvia, Dec 2, 2019

I can't recommend this tour enough ! Sanne was incredibly friendly, funny and knowledgeable. I left feeling a real sense of connection to the city, its history and its links to the LGBT community. Go Sanne ! and Go Amsterdam! :-)

Omar, Dec 2, 2019

She was perfect and amazing, and the tour was absolutely perfect so do not miss it if u r visiting the city, go for it l.

Caren, Nov 25, 2019

Are you interested in queer history? Social justice? Spending a lovely couple ofhours with a charming and knowledgeable guide? Book this tournow! Sanne was a wonderful host and showed us places we would not have found on our own. She tolda good mix of history and personal information, and was genuinely interested in our stories as well. Our tour was just my wife and Me and Sanne, which was great as we went down some very narrow streets but had no trouble staying together and talking while we walked. Thanks Sanne!

초율, Nov 16, 2019

날씨는 추웠지만 암스테르담의 퀴어와 관련한 여러 이야기를 들을 수 있어서 좋았어요!

Valerie, Nov 15, 2019

Really nice tour !! I learned a lot !! Nice way todiscover the city I highly recommend it !!

Hera, Nov 4, 2019

Wow! I'm not sure where to really begin with this heart warming and touching tour (it's so much more then that!). Sanne will meet you at the center of the city but the journey is both outward and inward, through the telling of the most interactive LGBTQ history experience you will have but Sanne's unbelievable ability to connect and to talk to you and to learn from you (if you wish to share) as well as to share her insights and experiences really brought together for me how all of us LGBTQ+ people are connected. Take this tour and you willcome away with and learn so much, as I did.

Kelsey, Oct 28, 2019

I had a lovely time with Sanne and the other guest on this tour. It felt so good to be able to talk and explore the city with other people from the queercommunity,and to see that queer history is very much alive.

Allie, Oct 26, 2019

If you’re gay or even an alli traveling through Amsterdam, this tour is a MUST. Sanne is hilarious, her stories are unique and personal, and she really shows you around the heart of the city. I highly recommend this tour - plus it’s an immediate connection with people and the city! I really enjoyed meeting Sanne and the group.

Shayne, Oct 18, 2019

Sanne is a great host for this tour. A very personal experience shared in the backdrop of such a beautifully romantic city.

Kyle, Oct 18, 2019

Sanne was great and it was so cute and lovely to hear about LGBT+ history in Amsterdam as well as her own personal stories. I really enjoyed how she invited us to share our own stories and cultural differences/similarities in our hometowns. I loved it!

Khyra, Oct 10, 2019

This was a very thoughtfuland personal experience. I am glad that Sanne shared both history and personal anecdotes while on this tour. She also had great recommendations for things todo while in the city.

Lucy, Oct 5, 2019

The walking tour with Sanne was extremely interesting & it was the perfect mix between a historical walk and a personalised story. I was already looking forward to experience the LGBT side of Amsterdam but it was even better than we expected!! We would highly recommend the tour to anyone - rather queer or allies, young or old, tourist or local.

Inbal, Sep 30, 2019

The tour was an opportunity for us to discuss some interesting subjects relevant to lgbt issues and about Amsterdam in general. It was great and sanne is the sweetest!

Jess, Sep 30, 2019

If you are part of the LGBTQ community, or act as an ally, PLEASE go on Sanne’s tour! From sharing personal stories to connecting the history to the places we visited, the tour was so incredibly well done. We both left feeling like Sanne was a friend having shared views and opinions on all topics during our walk! 💕

Chris, Sep 26, 2019

I took this tour within 90 minutes of arriving in Amsterdam and it was a perfect introduction to the city. Sanne is super fun, funny, chatty and welcoming. She gave a really thoughtful tour and engaged us in discussions about a range of issues — not what I expected as part of a tour, but very worthwhile. She opened up, encouraged us to open upand gave a unique perspective that other tour groups around us could not get.

Jaime, Sep 16, 2019

Sanne is knowledgeable and makes the tour fun. Thank you Sanne for a great experience.

AnnaLaura, Sep 15, 2019

Sanne was an amazing host! She knows a lot about lgbthistory in the Netherlands and was able to answer all our questions! The tour was really well structured and took us to some incredible hidden spot in the city, would definitely recommend.

Moksha, Sep 6, 2019

This is an excellent tour. The history of gays is not always presented as it is. She didn’t hide a single fact. The last stop on the tour was a neat historical surprise. We recommend gayly!!!!

Molly, Sep 2, 2019

Great tour! Thank you!

Amy, Sep 2, 2019

A really wonderful and insightful tour. It was well paced and a great start to my first trip to Amsterdam. There was a lovely mix ofhistorical, contemporary and personal commentary. I went back to visit some of the places Sanne introduced on thetour. Would definitely recommend!

Tabea, Aug 29, 2019

Great Tour!! Sanne is very nice and you can really connect with her and the tour through personal story’s. I wish we would have done the tour at the beginning of our vacation, because she also gave some great recommendations.

Daveon, Aug 22, 2019

Sanne was kind, welcoming and sincere. I learned so much about the culture and history, while learning of other guests experiences. I would suggest it to all to experience. 🖤😊

Nicole, Aug 16, 2019

Awesome way to incorporate LGBTQ culture and Amsterdam! It was lovely and Sanne was a great host.

Sharon, Aug 2, 2019

Perfect. Take the tour

Mark, Jul 29, 2019

Sannes was a perfect tour guide. First she got to know each of us in our group before giving us information regardingthe tour. She took the time to answer questions and even asked questions of us. Because of this I was able to connect with others on the tour. Sannes brings a real personal side to her tour. I felt thatwe could have spend hours just chatting. She shows passion for what she believes in and her LGBTQ community. This tour is not just for members of the LBGTQ community, but for all communities.

Bruno, Jun 27, 2019

The experience was amazing! I had the chance to have a one on one tour so I could connect with Sanne. We talked about everything about history but also our personal life experiences. And we laughed alot! Thank you Sanne for the wonderful time!

Anita, Jun 22, 2019

I am very thankful for this wonderfulpersonal journey Sanne took us on. We did not only see Amsterdam,we also got insight on her life and really connected. I have been to Amsterdam many times and still I got surprised by places we passed that I never heard of and stories I have never known about. Such an amazing way to see Amsterdam, thanks Sanne!

Theresa, Jun 21, 2019

Thanks Sanne for the beautiful Tour at Amsterdam. It was amazing and I have learned so much new and met so interesting and lovelynew People!

Алексей, Jun 20, 2019

Отличное впечатление, уникальная информация. Если вы в теме, то я считаю, что нужно воспользоваться услугами этой дружелюбной и вдохновлённой девушкой. И также, благодаря этой прогулке, у меня появились новые друзья!

John, Jun 8, 2019

Sanne is a wonderful and genuine storyteller, which made her a perfect tour guide. It was a very cold and rainy day, but we barely noticed because Sanne was so warm in sharing her personal experiences and her knowledge about LGBTQ+ culture in Amsterdam. Definitely recommend this experience, especially if you’re looking to go a bit off the beaten path.

Katherine, Jun8, 2019

Despite a rainy and windy day we ventured out to meet Sanne for a very lovely and personal tour. I enjoyed the history she shared about her life and the places we visited. We’ve already been in Amsterdam a few days and had walked past several of the places she took us to but she gave us a new perspective for many of them and lots of fun facts. Our triad gives her tour six thumbs up 😋

William, Jun 7, 2019

Sanne did an amazing job providing a tour of Amsterdam through an LGBT perspective. A great balance of history, culture and the community’s impact and presence in the area

Scott, Jun 7, 2019

Very informative about gay and lesbian culture in Amsterdam

Jacky, Jun 4, 2019

My partner and I went on this tour and had a FANTASTIC time! I highly recommend this tour to anyone looking to learn more and to connect with other folks who are traveling with similar interests! The directions to the meeting place were clear and we had no trouble finding the group. Sanne was warm and friendly on top of being so passionate, vulnerable, and knowledgeable. There are introductions at first and questions throughout the tour where we get to know one another in the group which made my partner and I feel at ease since this was our first time doing something like this!

Welearned about the history of the LGBTQ+ experience in Amsterdam through the monuments, bars, clubs, businesses and LGBTQ+ spaces that we passed (plus others that were outside of the range of our walking tour). She explained the impact on the community and the world. I especially loved all of the local tips for things tosee, eat, and experience (most of them you pass or are mentioned on the tour unprompted). Sanne answered all of our questions and had a ton of off beat recommendations for us which made our trip to Amsterdam so unique and fun. Lucky for us, we ran into Sanne at a museum that she recommended and she bought mypartner andI a photo booth shoot in the gift shop at the end! That was a highlight of my trip as it was so unexpected and thoughtful of her to do that for us. 10/10

Holly, Jun 1, 2019

This tour left me with a smile on my face all day. Lovely to share stories with Sanne and see a personal interpretation of Amsterdam as well as a historical one. I’d recommend it for anyone. Sanne was a pleasure to be around and it was nice to experience Amsterdam from a different perspective. ❤️

Taylor, May 27, 2019

Awesome tour with Sanne, highly recommend!! There should be tour like this in every major city in the world!

Ruby, May 2, 2019

We had a great time on this tour, itwasheartwarming and we learnt a lot about queer history. Sanne was an amazing tour guide and we found parts of amsterdam that we would have never found otherwise. She shared personal stories and we all shared are own which made the tour personal and so much better.

Sam, Apr 30, 2019

Sanne's engagement and honest storytelling made it seem like an evening with friends rather than a tour.

Stewart, Apr 30, 2019

Do go on this tour It’s well worth it She’s a great story teller, interested in peoples views and stories and had a very nice nature. I think she should start a comedy slot.. I stayed on in one bar and felt very welcome by the people there Top marks Sanne

John, Apr 30, 2019

Sanne has a wonderful way of authentically connecting with people by sharing her own story and inviting others to do the same. Ours was a multi-national and multi-ethnic group and Sanne facilitates dialogue about sensitive LGBT issues with ease and grace while also giving interesting historical insights at each location we stoped at. One of the more personaland connected tour experiences I’ve had.

Cora, Apr 30, 2019

TAKE THIS TOUR!! Seriously, this is one of my favorite 'experiences' I've booked so far.Sanne makes this a really wonderful mix of addressing the difficult history into how it has been reclaimed and made into something beautiful and unique. She is very knowledgeable and honest when if she does not know an answer. She is clearly very passionate about the topics at hand and shares her own personal stories which takes stregnth. She also leaves room for others to share if they would like to as well. 10/10 all around!

Kareem, Apr 15, 2019

Sanne was great and friendly! She created a great group dynamic that facilitated conversation while offering a unique perspective of being queer in Amsterdam.I would recommend her tour to those looking for an interesting spin on the typical Amsterdam tour by foot.

Julia, Apr 15, 2019

A cute and simple tour that combines personal and general topics, a great way to explore Amsterdam!

Avery, Apr 15, 2019

Sanne made the experience very interactive, and invited everyone to share their opinions and stories. I appreciated her openness, and enjoyed learning about things like the sex workers' union. Remarques privées : Thank you, we all had a lovely time.

Lisa, Mar 11, 2019

This wasa great tour!

Chelsea, Mar 11, 2019

Great tour! Very open-minded people, and Sanne is amazing!

Natalie, Mar 8, 2019

Great way to learn about the history of the LGBTQ+ community in Amsterdam! Sanne was very personable and open with her own story. Definitelywould recommend!

Olivia, Mar 8, 2019

Sanne was a great tour, taking us throughsome key areas of LGBT+ history and sharing her own stories. It wasa great introduction to the area and insights into bits of Amsterdam you'd never think to stop at!

Lorraine, Mar 8, 2019

Sanne's tour was a fantastic start to my short stay in Amsterdam. She showed us the key sights in LGBT history as well as her own personal story and weaved it together as we walked around the city. Thanks Sanne!

Micaela, Mar 7, 2019

This tour was a heartfelt and unique experience that was well worth the investment! I loved hearing about people's experiences with the LGBT community and rights from within the group (in many different countries!), not only Sanne's perspective on the Netherlands. Highly recommend! A lot of Amsterdam's focus seems to be on the gay men scene so I appreciated how Sanne incorporated other LGBT groups.

Brenna, Feb 21, 2019

I am so glad it was a positive experience. I believe the gift of knowledge though others can’t be replaced! She answered all my questions soo quickly and very easy to contact! Thanks for showing an insiders perspective!!

Caitie, Feb 14, 2019

The tour with Sanne was absolutely fantastic! She provided so much great information and personal anecdotes, I feel like a learned quite a bit and got to know her and my group in our short time together. She also gave excellent recommendations for other things to do around the city which was super helpful. All in all, it was a wonderful experience.

Stephany, Feb 14, 2019

Sanne is really great at what she does and she is always making sure we have no questions. She created a really good ambiance. I really loved the way she explained everything with passion.

Victoria, Feb 8, 2019

Amsterdam is obviously very beautifulbut Sanne gives a really cool historical background to many places andthe city takes on so much more meaning, her stories were educational , interesting, and funny so I really enjoyed the tour!

Kromer, Feb 8, 2019

Was a great time.. I truly recommend this tour 😊

Carly, Jan 30, 2019

Very friendly personality and great and informative tour!!

James, Jan 30, 2019

Great experience.

Leslie, Jan 26, 2019

This tour is a great way to see the city through a different lens. Sanne is a great story teller with an interesting story. I am so happy I had the opportunity to experience the tour whilst in Amsterdam.

Nadya, Jan 26, 2019

Sanne was great!! It was just the three of us + Sanne and we had a very good time. So manyofthe places she took us were places we would have walked by/did walk by and had no idea about it’s history. The tour & the stories were lovelyand personal and it was a nice change toanyother tour/experiences we’ve had. 10/5 would recommend.

Brittany, Jan 23, 2019

I had a wonderful time walking with Sanne! The tour was very unique and personal and Sanne had lots of interesting facts and opinions to share with us. This experience is perfect for solo travellers that really want to make a connection with other people. I felt very safe in an area that I wouldn't have walked through on my own. 10/10

Lantian, Jan 23, 2019

Sanne was a great host! Super friendly and enthusiastic. For anyone who is part of the LGBTQ community or interested in getting to know more about the community, Sanne is their perfect guide.Hop on her tour, and let she walk you through the Amsterdam LGBTQ culture as a journalist and some girl who fell in love for another girl!

Omeed, Jan 14, 2019

We had a great time learning about the LGBT history of Amsterdam. Very informative and much better than the typical city tours people usually go on. Sanne was a fantastic guide and we had a wonderful time meeting and chatting with her. I highly recommend this tour.

Sam, Jan 12, 2019

Awesome tour from Sanne with a mixture of history, facts and personal stories. Sanne is really lovely and knowledgable!

Susie, Jan 12, 2019

Sanne's tour was brilliant - interesting, funny, and a good mix of history, politics, culture and personal stories.

도균, Dec 19, 2018

She was great story teller. Because she has had a great insight and passion for LGBT rights actions, We could have a great communication. In this tour, there were so many interesting informations that only she can deliver to me. I really recomend to someone who interested in dutch LGBT rights situationand Queer history and historical places of Amsterdam.

Mathieu, Dec 7, 2018

Sanne was lovely and very knowledgeable about the history of the LGBTQ community in Amsterdam. It was also great to hear her own experiences as well. Had a great time !!

Arthur, Dec 7, 2018

Special thanks to Sanne for her wonderful LGBT tour in Amsterdam. She was informative, funny, and engaging. It was raining hard throughout our tour, and shestill madeit fun. Highly recommend 😊 🏳️‍🌈

Jamie, Nov 26, 2018

Nothing is as good as a LGBT+ tour that shares history AND personal stories. Loved it, it was my personal highlight duringmy stay in Amsterdam.

Tara, Nov 21, 2018

Sanne is awesome! She’s super personable, knowledgeable, and fun! My girlfriend and I had a blast!

Gabriel, Nov 14, 2018

Sanne was really friendly and informative. She’s also inquisitive and we had several discussion on LGBTQ issues in our respective countries. I would recommend this tour to anyone who wants to knowmore about Amsterdam.

Kieran, Nov 12, 2018

it was informative yet fun walk. we were given so much insight regarding LGBT scenes in Amsterdam. she is very warm and very easy going . highly recommend.

Kevin, Nov 7, 2018

very fun and informational tour. Sanne was great!

Marianna, Oct 20, 2018

Sanne is a very kind and cheerful lady. We really enjoyed her stories which gave us a real insight of the LGBT life and places in Amsterdam. And her welcome drink is just amazing. It is really worth joining her tour.

Antonia, Oct 14, 2018

We really enjoyed Sanne's tour. We were interested to hear about Amsterdam's LGBT history and to hear touching stories from Sanne's own life. The tour included just the right amount of walking (and drinking!) and we enjoyed meeting other locals and hearing their experiences of being LGBT in Amsterdam. Lovely to meet you, Sanne. Thanks again and all the best with the tours and with everything! Antonia and Marianne xx

Bonnie, Oct 7, 2018

When I decided to join the tour, I didn't really have much to expect as I know almost none about LGBT, though I havefriends who are gay, I was curious and wish to learn more about the community in theNetherlands. Sanne is a very sweet girl, not only she told us about the development of LGBT in the country, but she also shared funny and personal story about herself and the efforts she has contributed to promote and safeguard the community. She also told us a little about the history of the architecture we saw near the Dam Square and she also took us to some pretty cool gay bars in town. Those who joined the tour were very nice people too, so that was a very special and enjoyable experience with Sanne.

Yas, Sep 27, 2018

This tour was wicked. Sanne was so knowledgeable - both in terms of the content of the tour and with any extra questions.I feel like I learnt so much. Afterwards she even emailed me info about some questions I'd asked - putting me in touch with a friend who knew about the drag king scene in Amsterdam. She had lots of recommendations and also showed us a picture of her cat, which I thought was very appropriate for an LGBTQ+ tour! I'm always in favour of cat pictures... I was so inspired I'm even thinking about doing research into the history of my own city and becoming a tour guide myself! Overall loved the experience and couldn't recommend it enough!

Monica, Sep 19, 2018

The tour was amazing! I learned so many wonderful things about LGBTQ+ history and culture in Amsterdam! Sanne is an amazing guide and so very knowledgable. Would 100% recommend tofriends who want to learn more about LGBTQ history and culture!

Liliana, Sep 16, 2018

Great tour with Sanne in Amsterdam streets.

Sahana, Sep 11, 2018

Sanne is a brilliant guide and has a vast knowledge of the history of Amsterdam as well as knowing how to incorporate personal stories and involve the group to share stories should they want to. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Marie, Sep 10, 2018

Sanne’s tour was such a great experience! I highly recommend it.

Carmen, Sep 4, 2018

Sanne is an amazing tour guide and I loved hearing her stories about Amsterdam and a bit about the city's long history. A very personal tour and such a nice way to get to know more from a local

Álvaro, Aug 17, 2018

We spent alovely time with Sanne. Great conversation and really funny too :)) She has a story to tell you so don’t miss this experience during your visit to Amsterdam. No matter what you like ;)

Oksana, Aug 13, 2018

This is a more than "look to the left - look to the right" tour. It's a conversation about some history, some actuals, some emotions - whatever you feel comfortable to put on the table. Sanne is a completely flexible and attentive guide and I think there will not be a few tours alike in her company. And yes, you will see some streets and some places with a different focus. I wish everyone to enjoy this as much as I did.

Kevin, Aug 6, 2018

Sanne was amazing. This intimate tour was exactly what we werehoping for.

Giulia Marie, Aug 6, 2018

Where to begin! Sanne was an exceptional tour guide, she was entertaining, knowledgeable and clearly in love with Amsterdam and all its hidden gems. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who wants to know more about a niche part of Amsterdam. Thank you Sanne!

Melanie, Aug 1, 2018

Sanne was a great guide and showed us the hotspots of the queer community in Amsterdam. She's a funny person, what made the experience even better. If you're interested in meeting interesting people while you're staying in Amsterdam, youshould definitely book Sanne's tour. The onlything I missed in the tour was a stop at the Homomonument.

Sarlota, Aug 1, 2018

It was awesome 100 percent recommend it

Ivone, Jul 25, 2018

Sanne is really genuine and you can’t help but be captivated by her stories. She knows the history of all the spots she takes you to and I really appreciated her sharing her own personal stories. The shot is delicious!

Emma, Jul 25, 2018

This tour was so much fun and much more interactive and personal than most walkingtours. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to make a new friend in Amsterdam, learn about history, and where the best bars are for their stay!

Charlotte, Jul 23, 2018

This experience was a lot of fun! We got to see some significant places in the context of LGBTQ history and she wove in personal stories and accounts of her life in the city. It was a very fun way to spend a morning and we definitely recommend the trip.

Saira, Jul 23, 2018

Sanne is a lovelystoryteller who does a fantastic job of connecting personal stories to the historical sites onthe tour. Our time together went by too quickly. Definitely doing this tour again next time I’m in Amsterdam. Thank you, Sanne for a wonderful tour.

Sabrina, Jul 21, 2018

Sanne was super sweet and had lots of great information. She took us places we might not have thought to go and we had an amazing time with her! The glittery shots were also a cool little bonus that we liked a lot!

Theodore, Jul 21,2018

We had such a fantastic time! It was really nice to meet some fellow gays from around the world and learn aboutthe history of Amsterdam! Sanne was so nice and made the experience a lot of fun and super wholesome. 10/10 would DEFINITELY recommend :)!!!

Elizabeth, Jul 18, 2018

Sanne brought LGBTQ history to life for us and gave us a terrific tour. Adding her own story (and pictures!) to the tour helped us understand LGBT in Amsterdam in a meaningful way. I feel like we made a real connection in a way that a typical tour would not do. Highly recommend!!!!

Ashleigh,Jul 11, 2018

Sanne was a great tour guide. It was nice to learn about the LGBT community in Amsterdam. We went to many places I would not have visited on myown. It wasalso nice to be on the tour with someone from another country. We were able to converse about cultural differences and our own experiences.

Dani, Jul 9, 2018

Sanne gave a great and very personalized tour. Very informative and interesting!

Deb, Jun 25, 2018

Sanne was really kind and personable. She really knowsher LGBT history around Amsterdam. We would highly recommend her tour.

Bo, Jun 24, 2018

Iamglad to have this wonderful tour with Sanne! She’s good at telling story. I particularly appreciated her preparation for the tour. She’s a funny lady who is willing to share more than you can think of!

Anne Marie, Jun 22, 2018

Sanne is great—she tells a lot of the history of the area, and has a set of photographs that range from historical subjects to the modern day. She’s able to talk both about heavy moments of LGBT history and recount lighthearted modern-day stories from gay prideand her own life. She also tells you the stories behind some other bars and monuments. A very illuminating and interesting tour!

Paul, Jun 20, 2018

We really enjoyed Sanne’s walking tour. It was fun and informative.

Sean, Jun 17, 2018

Sanne was fantastic. My husband and I loved taking her tour and hearing about key events in Amsterdam’s LGBT history. She was also able to make it more personal by telling us how it has affected her own life growing up in the Netherlands.

Natalie, Jun 14, 2018

Wonderful tour... Sanne really customizes the content based on her participants interests. Irecommend going earliest as possible in your visit, asshegives a lot of great recommendations for gay spaces to check out.

Aparna, Jun 9, 2018

The entire walk was very interactive and interesting! Sanne shared both personal stories, as well as history relating to all the places we visited which kept it interesting and really helped us get to know her as well! And because we were a small group of 4 it made it all the better! It was a really enjoyable time: whether you are LGBT or an ally, you should definitely go for this experience!

Nalina, Jun 4, 2018

Sanne isvery friendly and knowledgeable. I likedthat she incorporated her personal stories and shared her personal favourite places in the city on topof showing iconic and historical places. I recommend this if you want a laid back and in conventional tour of the city.

Ev, May 29, 2018

This was my first Airbnb Experience — was a fantastic time! Great to walk through bars old and new alike, with a bit of personal stories sprinkled in between. Would definitely recommend for LGBTQ+ folks coming to the city!

Kenneth, May 29, 2018

She is a very special lady with a lot to share with the right people. Her pride in herselfand her compassion for others result in a very informative, and even entertaining 90 minutes.

Ricardo, May 25, 2018

Sanna tells a very personal story about the history of the places we visited. She definitely has a lot of knowledge and it felt like a very friendly and personal tour which was very nice.

Maria, May 25, 2018

The tour Sanne gavewas all I expected and more. She is a warm soul and an excellent storyteller, combining tales from many different moments of Amsterdam’s LGBT history with personal anecdotes, which made the tour feel very entertaining, informativeand at the same time meaningful. I highly recommend it.

Madeline, May 23, 2018

She’s amazing! Super sweet, super funny, really made the tour personal. My girlfriend and I had a blast!

Sam, May 18, 2018

Sanne was a lovely and exceptional tour guide. I highly recommend!

Pascale, May 16, 2018

Sanne wasvery friendly and told us a lot of stories and anecdotes about the city and LGBTQ+ history aswell aspersonal stories, all of which was very interesting. The walk is nice and she asked people in the group about their countries and stories as well so it really felt like strolling along the canals with friends. Would recommend for a different view of the city center!

Elizabeth, May 7, 2018

A really great afternoon, Sanne is a marvellous storyteller and showed us around some really neat places.

Maria, May 7, 2018

Sanne gave a nice personalized tour.

Eric, Apr 29, 2018

Was such a fun thing to do. Sanne was an amazing guide and took time to answer questions, connect with each of us. You can tell she has a passion for storytelling and sharing her love for this city.

Jinyue, Apr 29, 2018

I enjoyed the walk very much. We walked around near Dam Square, and stopped by multiple landmarks in LGBT history ( bars, architectures, etc.). Sanne, who is a great story teller, told the implied stories of theselandmarks. Sanne also combined some personal stories in her story telling, and that added extra warmth in story telling. The walk is very interesting, and also relaxing.

Fritzi, Apr 25, 2018

Sanne is awesome! The walk was super interesting and informative as well as very leisurely. She is super friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. My wife and I felt like we definitely walked away with a better understanding of LGBTQI history in Amsterdam (past, present, and future). The gold shot was also a nice touch on a beautiful chilly day. We highly recommend Sanne’s tour!

Diane, Apr 13, 2018

Sanne is a delightful young woman who knows Amsterdam very well. I think the tour is more geared to a younger audience but still great to walk around Amsterdam

Emilie, Apr 9, 2018

Sanne was an excellent guide, friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about her subject. I thoroughly enjoyed our walk and would definitely recommend it anyone wanting to know more about this gorgeous city.

Ruiheng, Mar 6, 2018

Sanne is a super friendly and nice person with a wild heart and an interesting soul! She showed me many local gay siteswith local history explanations(without her I would never know); and more importantly, she shared openly her personal stories and experience, which made this tour more personal and meaningful for a visitor! Also thanks to her, it'smy first timetohave analcohol with gold inside.. Not only a very enjoyable and fruitful tour, but also a personal and beautiful experience to exchange and explore a bit more for the LGBT cultures from a new perspective ;)

Lora, Feb 18, 2018

Today I'm the only geust so I get to enjoy a private guided tour. Sanne has great personality and endless fun facts to keep you intrugued. We visited the very heart of Amsterdam where history took place for lgbt and all other. Informative and great fun,highly recommend.

Sah, Jan 3, 2018

Sanne was very personable and had alot of great personable stories to share. She showed the the "local" parts of the most touristy part of town. The liquor she provided was really good (don't remember what kind of liquor exactly(, and I'm not usually one to take straight liquor. Sanne's stories ranged from personal to historic. I had a really great time with her. She pointed out some great bars, catering specifically to the LGBT demographic.

Kris, Dec 27, 2017

The experience seemed to be about Sanne’s coming out process. She is friendly, bright, and accommodating to the group.

Muna, Nov 26, 2017

We loved it!Shewas interesting and very friendly, she took us around to see very intriguing and nice places and her stories were cute and sweet. Also enjoyed the more personalized story it gave us a chance to peer into the life of a member of the lgbtq community in Amsterdam. Overall we really enjoyed the company and the conversations.

Amanda, Nov 26, 2017

Sanne is a great story teller. She gives you great personal stories. It was cool to learn about the Pride Parade and learn about the different gay bars and their history. It is a great tour that allows you to learn about Sanne and theother travellers who are with you. It is a great way to connect with amazing people.

Ella, Nov 21, 2017

Me and my girlfriend had a great evening during and after the tour! Sanne pointed out these amazing gay bars, so afterwards we had our own pub crawl :D. Also she really is one of the best and funny storytellers!

Saskia, Nov 21, 2017

Good combination of fun, facts and stories. Sanne is super fun and it was great to have a real local (and personal) experience. Recommended to go!

Katrien, Nov 21, 2017

The tour was great. It was really easy and relaxed to talk to Sanne. She is an open, friendly and funny person and tells the stories of the city you don't find in a travelguide. A perfect way toconnect and feel as a real local.

Leonie, Nov 21, 2017

Amazing tour, amazing stories! Happy and gay :)

Arne, Nov 21, 2017

I highly recommend this tour. Sanne is a very enthousiastic en (quit frankly) hilarious person. The stories she tells while wandering thru the old city are interesting, honoust en often very funny. Me as a straight guy, I also really enjoyed this alternative view on the city. Got some totally new insights. So, big thanks to Sanne! and... book this tour!

Stephanie, Nov 21, 2017

Amsterdam has lots of stories to tell about lgbt life and living. Sanne told these stories as if I was right there with her. Also, I really enjoyed the route we walked and her favourite spots she pointed out in this cool part of the city.

Kai, Nov 17, 2017

I really enjoyed the unique and personal stories Sanne told us. Andshe showed us the city through pink and local glasses :).

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